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Commercial Diver Sues Employer For Choosing Poor Company Doctor

A commercial diver is suing his employer after injuring his ankle while working offshore.

David Hughes has filed a Jones Act lawsuit against Global Industries Offshore. The lawsuit accuses Hughes’ employer of negligently maintaining its vessel and of providing negligent supervision, planning, and direction of the work of the crew. The employer is also accused of picking a bad physician.

The ankle injury occurred on June 9. Hughes was attempting to transit a passageway aboard the vessel Pioneer when he broke his ankle.Hughes received emergency medical treatment on board the vessel and was then transported to Lafayette General Hospital. At the hospital, a physician chosen by Global Industries performed surgery on Hughes’ ankle. According to the maritime injury lawsuit, a  second surgery was then required to correct the first procedure.

Hughes states that he is suffering from severe emotional trauma and distress, loss of future life pleasures, disfigurement and permanent impairment.He is seeking compensation for loss of wages, fringe benefits, earning capacity, medical expenses and court costs. The maritime injury lawsuit will be heard in federal court in New Orleans.

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